Georgia is occupied – let’s say it loudly, let’s let the world know!

Georgia is occupied – let’s say it loudly, let’s let the world know!

My Georgian friends have allowed me to rediscover the world. And now it’s time for me to share their Inner Sounds with the rest of the globe. Which one of them is the loudest?

I believe firmly that the freedom we were all born with will never accept barbwire, and history, which always tells the truth, will never surrender to obstacles. It is precisely such unyielding freedom and relentless readiness to fight back of Georgians that I have fallen in love with. Since then, it has been unimaginable not to believe that nobody could ever take away this unity, no matter how persistent they are to try.

And yet, when someone attempts to steal your land, creeping into your backyard with barbwire, slowly and stealthily taking over your independence, you’ve got to find a way to tell the story of occupation. I believe that all of you—all of us—would like to let the entire world know that occupation is happening here and now, and that 20% of Georgia has been occupied by Russia.

It’s tough to find words that everyone will listen to and everyone will understand. However, each giant leap is measured in tiny little steps, and I, too, decided to take my small step forward.

Stories about my travels and endless wandering in various lands I visit are molded through “sound gathering” and disseminated through “spreading”. It was precisely my hobby, “sound gathering” that brought me to Georgia. When the sound is this strong and significant, I’d like to allow others to spread it along with me.

I believe that small details can often tell a lot more and more loudly, at that, than words could ever say. And when your freedom may never surrender to barbwire, you may transmit your message in the form of a mere passport holder, letting it travel the world with you.

No To Russian Occupation by Giovanni Morra

Georgia - No To Russian Occupation by Giovanni Morra

Print by Giorgi Popiashvili

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